Bio-Degradable Coffee Capsules

The 10MM Green Self Protected Capsule is designed to work perfectly in all domestic Nespresso* coffee machines.

Thanks to its particular design and perfect seal, the 10MM Green Self Protected Capsule brings out the very best of the coffee, guaranteeing an excellent product in the cup. Furthermore, thanks to the innovative compostable barrier materials from which it is made, it is able to guarantee a suitable shelf life for the coffee product.

The 10MM Green Self Protected Capsule respects all requisites for its simple, safe and reliable handling by packaging machines.

The 10MM Green Self Protected Capsule is a compostable capsule that complies with the EN 13432 standard. The 10MM Green Self Protected capsule is certified and accredited by TÜV Austria.

Product suitable for contact with coffee in accordance with the regulations in force.


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